Saturday, 28 June 2014

Date Night with the X-Men

Three words: BEST SATURDAY EVER!!! this rarely happens but this Saturday I did not lock myself inside my house and watch cartoon or read books which would have been awesome because I finally got the final book of the hush-hush which I have been waiting for, for more than a year now .

I placed "Finale" aside to go out and to watch a movie with my bro and sis, some well deserved family bonding time was needed. With the very busy and very separate live that we live, its nice to just hangout without any girlfriends/boyfriends (both do not apply to me...... which would probably explain the excessive book reading lol book characters are hotter anyway).

We headed off to the mall and when we got to the cinema and saw the movies they were playing. The choice was unanimous, actually there was noo choice, we HAD to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past. Like duh we have watched all the movies and I have personally read the comics soo it was just a no brainer and I kind of have a huge crush on Michael Fassbender who plays young Magneto a.k.a. the original bad boy.

Before the movie started we had some time on our hands soo my sister and I decided to grab a coffee and Mugg and Bean which brings me to the first awesome thing about this night. I would like to introduce to the new love of my life, this awesome hot chocolate with pretzel, chocolate and cream topping is definitely whats been missing in my life. My sister and I had a great long over due chat and I was able to give her my priceless advice… sometimes I really think I should have majored in psychology because i'm really good at giving advice even if I do say so so my self.

I wore my thrifted black lace shirt and an H&M printed skirt which I adore. I paired that up with my black stockings and boots and for once I tied my hair up because I wanted to show of my “GUN” hoop earrings lol yeah I have earrings with little dangling guns isn't that just bad ass. I love this outfit for a date or just hanging out with friends or family. it is comfy, fun and flirty.

Of course when it got a bit chilly I covered up with my brother’s big jacket. What are brother’s therefor if not to share their wardrobe with they’re sister who is obsessed with everything over-sized!!!

                                                Just me randomly stroking bae’s chin lol

Tina xoxo.


  1. love it!!!! mmm!!!

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