Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Blah Blah Blah Museum...

Recently i went to a history outing with my whole class to this awesome museum that i can not name because i fear the fact that i took pictures there even though we were told that its prohibited, might land me in a maximum security prison and i can not rock orange overalls people!!! but i just had to share its awesome because you know what they say.... "it didnt happen unless there are pictures"

Wall of Cd's and a great grand piano

old wall clock with cool ship paintings

Jamming Out at the music section!!!

Dance like an Egyptian!!!

Celebrity Look Alikes... Or NAH

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hair Update : Red Afro!!!

Back to my natural hair and i'm loving it. i dyed it red because i'm obsessed with red hair at the moment and i think it looks amazing on me... tell me what you think, Red hurrr or nah???

I am wearing a over-sized denim jacket that just soo happens to be my absolute favorite item in my closet and the fact that i bought from a thrift store for practically nothing, has a big factor in that. i'm wearing with a white (fake I think) Celine T-shirt and my high waist body con skirt and navy blue stocking... Sexy rebel vibes!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Burger King Royalty!!!

i love fast food just as much as the next unhealthy lifestyle living person soo when my friend suggested we go and have a little catch up lunch thing at burger king, i was like yaaaaaaaas!!! BUT the only mistake i did was ordering their bottomless drinks.... biggest mistake ever..... they taste vile, no wonder they are bottomless, they are probably trying to get rid of that stuff... anyway it was fun chilling with my gurrrl but i still prefer McD.... McDonald's fries are the answer and the truth!!!

My outfit for the day was all about comfort and simplicity so i just wore my pink turtleneck crop trop with this high waist "Manswear" shorts that we had to do at university as a project lol but i of course i had to wear them i'm not sexist against clothes lol!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

50 Shades of Grey : Design Project

As most of you know im studying fashion design soo when we were given a brief to design and make a simple t shirt i was over the moon with excitement because finally i could design something that i could personally wear on like an everyday basis unlike the past garments that i have made and now i just stuck at the back of my closet somewhere... 

When i went fabric shopping i absolutely fell in love with this grey and white print fabric and even though it was not knit fabric i just wanted to buy it for my own personal DIY's but then i found this beautiful grey knit fabric and they just went so well together and that's how my creation came to life!!!