Monday, 9 June 2014

Guest Post : All you need to know about Hurrrrrr Extensions!!!

So we’ve all heard of dozens of hair extensions that are available in the market. There’s horse hair, synthetic hair, half horse- half synthetic and God only knows what else. BUT they all lose their charm (and that pretty shiny effect) fairly quickly which pretty much sucks.

Personally, I never really got any for myself because they always stand out and look out of place to me. However, I recently found out about virgin hair extensions and you know what? They’re the solution to all my no-volume-in-my-hair problems. And of course, if you’re a fan of long Rapunzel type hair like I am, and your hair refuses to grow beyond a certain limit... Well look no further.

My stylist recommended them and even though I wasn’t sure, I decided to just go with it. My hair was feeling really limp (styling them was a PAIN) and since they were all flat, my face looked huge… and well, not that pretty. Anyway, I didn’t want horse hair extensions because they kind of freak me out. I mean all I keep imagining is a horse galloping about somewhere and someone suddenly chopping its mane off. 
Thankfully, the extensions she was recommending were made from all human hair. I still wasn’t sure because I wasn’t sure how long they’d last but my stylist told me that they get wholesale virgin hair extensions which are essentially hair that haven’t been messed which basically means that the hair hasn’t been dyed or bleached.

So I gave her the go ahead with my fingers crossed and oh-my-god. I feel A-mazing! My hair is super bouncy and there’s so much volume! I was slightly scared of curling them in the first week but when I got around to it, I actually couldn’t tell the difference between my hair and the extensions.  Can you imagine? Hallelujah. It’s kind of hot these days so I normally braid my hair when I’m at home and even my braid looks so thick and shiny and downright fabulous.

I didn’t really know getting hair extensions would make so much of a difference but I feel like a new woman. A really hot one!  Like a supermodel. I feel like Willow Smith when she’s flipping her hair and boy, does it feel good.  And it’s not just me, my friends all love my new look. And surprisingly so does my mom. For once, she’s telling me my hair look healthy (instead of berating me for not taking care of them... yay!).

I forgot to tell you guys the best part. My hair doesn’t tangle with my extensions! I can brush it and comb it and it doesn’t become a jungle of knots. My first experience with brushing was great and I think that’s what convinced me that wholesale hair extensions are God’s gift to womankind. So If you’re thinking of getting something done to your hair, or even if you’re looking for a new look, well your prayers have been answered. 


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