Saturday, 28 June 2014

Date Night with the X-Men

Three words: BEST SATURDAY EVER!!! this rarely happens but this Saturday I did not lock myself inside my house and watch cartoon or read books which would have been awesome because I finally got the final book of the hush-hush which I have been waiting for, for more than a year now .

I placed "Finale" aside to go out and to watch a movie with my bro and sis, some well deserved family bonding time was needed. With the very busy and very separate live that we live, its nice to just hangout without any girlfriends/boyfriends (both do not apply to me...... which would probably explain the excessive book reading lol book characters are hotter anyway).

We headed off to the mall and when we got to the cinema and saw the movies they were playing. The choice was unanimous, actually there was noo choice, we HAD to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past. Like duh we have watched all the movies and I have personally read the comics soo it was just a no brainer and I kind of have a huge crush on Michael Fassbender who plays young Magneto a.k.a. the original bad boy.

Before the movie started we had some time on our hands soo my sister and I decided to grab a coffee and Mugg and Bean which brings me to the first awesome thing about this night. I would like to introduce to the new love of my life, this awesome hot chocolate with pretzel, chocolate and cream topping is definitely whats been missing in my life. My sister and I had a great long over due chat and I was able to give her my priceless advice… sometimes I really think I should have majored in psychology because i'm really good at giving advice even if I do say so so my self.

I wore my thrifted black lace shirt and an H&M printed skirt which I adore. I paired that up with my black stockings and boots and for once I tied my hair up because I wanted to show of my “GUN” hoop earrings lol yeah I have earrings with little dangling guns isn't that just bad ass. I love this outfit for a date or just hanging out with friends or family. it is comfy, fun and flirty.

Of course when it got a bit chilly I covered up with my brother’s big jacket. What are brother’s therefor if not to share their wardrobe with they’re sister who is obsessed with everything over-sized!!!

                                                Just me randomly stroking bae’s chin lol

Tina xoxo.

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Chronicles of The Thrift Queen: Love at First Sight!!!

So I recently went thrift shopping for the first time with some of my friends… yes I popped my thrift shop cherry, I feel like a real thrift woman now lol hahaha okay enough of the weierdness. We decided to go to this second hand shop in this cute little old age home and it was like walking into a whole new planet... for me anyway, as my friends were regulars at this place. There was waaay more than just clothes, there was furniture, toys and books lol I felt I had just walked through some closet doors and had appeared on The Chronicles of Thristore royalty. I was quite shocked that I didn't bump into Macklemore some where in there with his huge fur coat which I would've loved to find but unfortunately did not BUT I did find some lovely picks which ill be rocking in my upcoming posts. J

1.      1.  Blake lace shirt with silk collar. OMG I absolutely like this shirt, its soo flirty and bad ass… and I will absolutely where it on my next post soo stay tuned.

2.       2. Blank and white printed tank top. I have no idea why I love this tank top so much it just spoke to me in some way lol at first I didn’t even know what the white silhouette was and honestly I didn’t really care, it just looks cool but my friend pointed out that it’s a crow…. How creepy and absolutely awesome!

3.       3. White shirt. How cute is this little shirt, it makes me feel like a little angel for real. Love it!!!

4.       4. Wide kneck white jumper. Yall know im obsessed with jumpers soo when I saw this I just knew I had to buy it. it it super toasty warm and I love the fact that it has little tiny gold strands weaved on it that shimmer in the light.

I would've bought more stuff if I had been more prepared for the world of thrift shopping but now that I am hooked, there will definitely be a lot more thrifties to come. The Chronicles of The Thrift Queen…. To be continued

Tina xoxo

Friday, 13 June 2014

Chic Ranger

First of all I totally take back what I said about winter in my previous posts well kind of, I still love winter but not seeing the sun for like a full week is kind of depressing me L. One thing that has not changed though is the fact that I love dressing up for this season. Who ever said winter was all about wearing pants and jeans was definitely not talking about me lol I don’t know why but I see myself pushing my pants to the back of the closet and gravitating towards skirts and dresses lately.

Today my outfit compiles of my all-time favourite mustard jumper paired up with my flowing camouflage maxi skirt which is just perfection. First of all it has this high low thing going on and it has pockets AND it is flipping camouflage like seriously I feel like Jane waiting for Tarzan in this thing lol and trust me that is a good thing or at least I think so, anyway I finished this look off with my new boots. I absolutely love these tan babies, they are amazing at keeping my feet super toasty and most importantly dry from the rain that has been pouring none stop down here. This is one of my all-time favourite looks because it is so unexpected like when I was wearing it this morning I was just like WHOA where did that come from lol hahaha yah I tend to surprise myself from time to time, I think it keeps things interesting.

Now I am starting to rely more on myself when it comes to style and not what I see around me and honestly I think that is what style is about. expressing your individuality through clothes and personally the more I trust the choices that I make when it comes to clothes, the more confident I’m becoming and that is flipping amazing don’t you think. Don’t be afraid to express yourself because life is too short to be expressing someone else’s style on your body lol I kind of put my own spin on the famous saying there… Even though I think my version sounds grosser, I also think it is more effective HAHA…

Tina xoxo

Wednesday, 11 June 2014





Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Studying fashion design was probably the best decision I have ever made. Not only is it my passion but there is honestly nothing better than being to make your own clothes which bring me to my look. My collection is growing so yeah I absolutely made the pants that I am wearing here, how awesome is that? I’m trying not to freak out and get carried away lol but I think there is coming a day where ill only where clothes that I make myself….. OMG that would be absolute awesomeness!!!

Making these pants was an absolute joy ride. What I do is that whenever I go fabric shopping for like an assignment or whatever… I always buy like these little pieces of fabric which almost always turn into these happy accidents, just like these pants lol I ran out of fabric which is how they turn out to have two different panels in the front. I think they look super rock and roll like this, how about you???

Tina xoxo

Monday, 9 June 2014

Guest Post : All you need to know about Hurrrrrr Extensions!!!

So we’ve all heard of dozens of hair extensions that are available in the market. There’s horse hair, synthetic hair, half horse- half synthetic and God only knows what else. BUT they all lose their charm (and that pretty shiny effect) fairly quickly which pretty much sucks.

Personally, I never really got any for myself because they always stand out and look out of place to me. However, I recently found out about virgin hair extensions and you know what? They’re the solution to all my no-volume-in-my-hair problems. And of course, if you’re a fan of long Rapunzel type hair like I am, and your hair refuses to grow beyond a certain limit... Well look no further.

My stylist recommended them and even though I wasn’t sure, I decided to just go with it. My hair was feeling really limp (styling them was a PAIN) and since they were all flat, my face looked huge… and well, not that pretty. Anyway, I didn’t want horse hair extensions because they kind of freak me out. I mean all I keep imagining is a horse galloping about somewhere and someone suddenly chopping its mane off. 
Thankfully, the extensions she was recommending were made from all human hair. I still wasn’t sure because I wasn’t sure how long they’d last but my stylist told me that they get wholesale virgin hair extensions which are essentially hair that haven’t been messed which basically means that the hair hasn’t been dyed or bleached.

So I gave her the go ahead with my fingers crossed and oh-my-god. I feel A-mazing! My hair is super bouncy and there’s so much volume! I was slightly scared of curling them in the first week but when I got around to it, I actually couldn’t tell the difference between my hair and the extensions.  Can you imagine? Hallelujah. It’s kind of hot these days so I normally braid my hair when I’m at home and even my braid looks so thick and shiny and downright fabulous.

I didn’t really know getting hair extensions would make so much of a difference but I feel like a new woman. A really hot one!  Like a supermodel. I feel like Willow Smith when she’s flipping her hair and boy, does it feel good.  And it’s not just me, my friends all love my new look. And surprisingly so does my mom. For once, she’s telling me my hair look healthy (instead of berating me for not taking care of them... yay!).

I forgot to tell you guys the best part. My hair doesn’t tangle with my extensions! I can brush it and comb it and it doesn’t become a jungle of knots. My first experience with brushing was great and I think that’s what convinced me that wholesale hair extensions are God’s gift to womankind. So If you’re thinking of getting something done to your hair, or even if you’re looking for a new look, well your prayers have been answered. 


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Winter Princess

Yaaaaaay its winter!!! Winter is my fav season even though I’m a summer baby; I truly feel I was born in the wrong season. I love winter; I mean what’s not to love??? Snuggling up in blankies all day, watching movies and feeling up on caffeine… sounds like heaven to me, when I don’t have to go anyway that is lol. Because winter here in Cape Town is like real winter, rain, thunder storms and freezing “toes falling off” cold…. There’s that but I mean it’s all good lol not really!!!
Wait. Why am I talking about the weather when we all know I’d rather be talking about clothes like seriously come on now…..

Here I am wearing my new denim shirt dress that my sister bought me from cotton on, actually. Don’t you just love it when people randomly buy you stuff, best thing EVER!!! I love this shirt/dress, it is the perfect fit and length and I just adore the fact that I can button it up all the way to my neck, geeky side of me taking over here lol!!! I am wearing this shirt/dress with black stocking and my brand new cut out boots which I just adore lol yeah I know I love and adore everything but just look at them, they are gorgeous. Yeah its kind of weird buying cut out shoes for winter but like seriously how can you say no to these beauties like how??? Please tell me…. you can’t can you lol exactly!!!

To keep myself warm and snugly I just threw on my go to green cardigan and red scarf and voilĂ  the winter princess has come out of hibernation lol here’s to an epic winter… boom!!!

 Light bulb moment, I completely forgot to mention my new hair, totally rocking the bob braids. They are soo much fun and super easy to maintain soo yeah this is my new DOOOO for now lol tell me what you think!!! 

What is your favorite season??? Any fun things that you usually do in winter??? Tell me, I want to know, really!!! J

Tina xoxo