Friday, 20 June 2014

The Chronicles of The Thrift Queen: Love at First Sight!!!

So I recently went thrift shopping for the first time with some of my friends… yes I popped my thrift shop cherry, I feel like a real thrift woman now lol hahaha okay enough of the weierdness. We decided to go to this second hand shop in this cute little old age home and it was like walking into a whole new planet... for me anyway, as my friends were regulars at this place. There was waaay more than just clothes, there was furniture, toys and books lol I felt I had just walked through some closet doors and had appeared on The Chronicles of Thristore royalty. I was quite shocked that I didn't bump into Macklemore some where in there with his huge fur coat which I would've loved to find but unfortunately did not BUT I did find some lovely picks which ill be rocking in my upcoming posts. J

1.      1.  Blake lace shirt with silk collar. OMG I absolutely like this shirt, its soo flirty and bad ass… and I will absolutely where it on my next post soo stay tuned.

2.       2. Blank and white printed tank top. I have no idea why I love this tank top so much it just spoke to me in some way lol at first I didn’t even know what the white silhouette was and honestly I didn’t really care, it just looks cool but my friend pointed out that it’s a crow…. How creepy and absolutely awesome!

3.       3. White shirt. How cute is this little shirt, it makes me feel like a little angel for real. Love it!!!

4.       4. Wide kneck white jumper. Yall know im obsessed with jumpers soo when I saw this I just knew I had to buy it. it it super toasty warm and I love the fact that it has little tiny gold strands weaved on it that shimmer in the light.

I would've bought more stuff if I had been more prepared for the world of thrift shopping but now that I am hooked, there will definitely be a lot more thrifties to come. The Chronicles of The Thrift Queen…. To be continued

Tina xoxo


  1. nice look, cute tops :)

    1. Thank you soo much, i've got many more coming!!! :)