Saturday, 7 June 2014

Winter Princess

Yaaaaaay its winter!!! Winter is my fav season even though I’m a summer baby; I truly feel I was born in the wrong season. I love winter; I mean what’s not to love??? Snuggling up in blankies all day, watching movies and feeling up on caffeine… sounds like heaven to me, when I don’t have to go anyway that is lol. Because winter here in Cape Town is like real winter, rain, thunder storms and freezing “toes falling off” cold…. There’s that but I mean it’s all good lol not really!!!
Wait. Why am I talking about the weather when we all know I’d rather be talking about clothes like seriously come on now…..

Here I am wearing my new denim shirt dress that my sister bought me from cotton on, actually. Don’t you just love it when people randomly buy you stuff, best thing EVER!!! I love this shirt/dress, it is the perfect fit and length and I just adore the fact that I can button it up all the way to my neck, geeky side of me taking over here lol!!! I am wearing this shirt/dress with black stocking and my brand new cut out boots which I just adore lol yeah I know I love and adore everything but just look at them, they are gorgeous. Yeah its kind of weird buying cut out shoes for winter but like seriously how can you say no to these beauties like how??? Please tell me…. you can’t can you lol exactly!!!

To keep myself warm and snugly I just threw on my go to green cardigan and red scarf and voilà the winter princess has come out of hibernation lol here’s to an epic winter… boom!!!

 Light bulb moment, I completely forgot to mention my new hair, totally rocking the bob braids. They are soo much fun and super easy to maintain soo yeah this is my new DOOOO for now lol tell me what you think!!! 

What is your favorite season??? Any fun things that you usually do in winter??? Tell me, I want to know, really!!! J

Tina xoxo

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