Friday, 25 July 2014

FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

As a person, in life you are bound to hear a song that will completely mess you up in the head and blow all expectations of what a "good song" is and being the music junkie that i am, i have had a couple of these moments fro, totally zoning out the Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow for weeks on end, to using Retrograde by James Blake like some therapeutic remedy and now i have resorted to deleting every single song in my playlist just to make space for this one song which is FKA Twigs' latest single "Two Weeks".

Soo i was doing my usual FKA Twigs stalking when i found out on her instagram account that she had just released the video for her latest single titled "Two Weeks" and the video was directed by Nabil, who just so happens to have directed some of my all time favourite music videos including Overgrown by James Blake and all of this meant i basically already loved this song without even hearing or watching it yet.

Now i am watching the video and the beat drops with its hypnotizing melody and while im losing myself in it, the mystical vocal abilities that i have grown to know very well slowly absorb my ears and i am completely lost in the song and at the same time i am looking at this majestic Egyptian goddess who commands my attention and has my eyes glued to the screen, now all of my senses are trapped in this song, needless to say i was hooked.

After deleting every song in my f playlist and listening to "Two Weeks" on repeat, i am starting to listen to lyrics which portray the always  intriguing tale of forbidden love with lyrics like "i know it hurts, you know i'd quench that thirst" and  "pull out the insides and give me two weeks, you won't recognize her". I  have never rooted for the "other woman" this much ever and i doubt i ever will. Only FKA Twigs can pull out such foreign emotions from me.

FKA Twigs' vocal Olympics and high music production on this single make the wait for the full album "LP1" that is set to be released in august an unbearable one but until then i'll continue getting high off this track!!!

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