Friday, 13 June 2014

Chic Ranger

First of all I totally take back what I said about winter in my previous posts well kind of, I still love winter but not seeing the sun for like a full week is kind of depressing me L. One thing that has not changed though is the fact that I love dressing up for this season. Who ever said winter was all about wearing pants and jeans was definitely not talking about me lol I don’t know why but I see myself pushing my pants to the back of the closet and gravitating towards skirts and dresses lately.

Today my outfit compiles of my all-time favourite mustard jumper paired up with my flowing camouflage maxi skirt which is just perfection. First of all it has this high low thing going on and it has pockets AND it is flipping camouflage like seriously I feel like Jane waiting for Tarzan in this thing lol and trust me that is a good thing or at least I think so, anyway I finished this look off with my new boots. I absolutely love these tan babies, they are amazing at keeping my feet super toasty and most importantly dry from the rain that has been pouring none stop down here. This is one of my all-time favourite looks because it is so unexpected like when I was wearing it this morning I was just like WHOA where did that come from lol hahaha yah I tend to surprise myself from time to time, I think it keeps things interesting.

Now I am starting to rely more on myself when it comes to style and not what I see around me and honestly I think that is what style is about. expressing your individuality through clothes and personally the more I trust the choices that I make when it comes to clothes, the more confident I’m becoming and that is flipping amazing don’t you think. Don’t be afraid to express yourself because life is too short to be expressing someone else’s style on your body lol I kind of put my own spin on the famous saying there… Even though I think my version sounds grosser, I also think it is more effective HAHA…

Tina xoxo

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