Thursday, 1 May 2014

State of Suburbia

Tonight I had an epiphany as I was listening to Lorde's album Pure Heroin on the bus ride home. I was listening to the song lyrics and she was basically describing her neighborhood and I was like wait a second, does she stay here in Parklands North because if she did, I would 100% shamelessly stalk her until she probably got a restraining order against me lol. I have never thought of myself as a suburb girl because all my schools have been far away from my neighborhood and in the city somewhere which is like a separate planet of its own. Plus I never ever want to explore my neighborhood, whenever we move (which is more than I can remember) I lock myself in the house and watch TV and read books 24/7 but tonight I opened my eyes to everything that's around me.

I have decided to add a new heading to my list… it's not really a list of specific things; it's really random, like me. I believe in lists, both literal and mental. I think about way to many things and my thoughts are scattered all over the place soo lists are sort of my coping mechanism, from absolute madness!!!

Live in The Moment
-There is a skate park close by and I think it's time for me to get over my fear of public humiliation and take my skateboard out for a cruise instead of keeping it under my bed.
-I should try to make conversations with people more… lol I know it's dumb but whenever I see that you have a talkative face (I'm really good at reading faces lol) on the bus or wherever I just put my earphones on… but you must understand this is a strategy that I got from years of guys constantly pestering me, trying to get my number.
-And instead of take pictures of everything or tweeting about every moment, rather enjoy the actual moment. Take a mental picture and LIVE IN IT!!!

Shout out to the creepy guy who was looking/staring at us while were taking these pictures with half of his body out of the window… I definitely won't be starting a conversation with you anytime soon. Didn't your mom tell you that staring is rude…

I am wearing my favourite SpongeBob Squarepants crop top which I wore with this black tulle boob tube dress which I gave another life by wearing it as a skirt and my black sandals, Perfect look for a long day. Still rocking my messy hair… I LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful moments don't need effects soo NO EFFECTS USED... Pics taken by my sister (Ntandos)….

Tina xoxo

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