Sunday, 27 April 2014

Education is the key to success!

Education is the key to success… my primary school principal used to say that almost every day like a broken record. I thought it was the most annoying thing anyone could say and I honestly believed he said that constantly to annoy me lol but as I stand in front of the two most important women in my life (my mom and big sister) wearing their gowns and my sister, the family's latest graduate holding her certificate I finally get what my principal was talking about.

Seeing my sister trying to jungle working full-time, while studying at the same time for these years. this moment tramples over all the blood, work and tears. I have never been prouder of anyone ever lol my mom might disagree with me but being the one who has personally had to hand in her assignments at time when she couldn't get off work I'd like to say mom please take a sit, my "proud moment" is bigger ok. Soo yeah my sister is official a qualified Retail Manager and she wants to be a buyer which of course would be awesome for me as a fashion designer, hopefully she can buy some of my designs lol yay…. That was my master plan all along.

She was styled by yours truly *props to me, give me my props people*, I just thought wearing a dress to a graduation has been highly overdone and its as tired as heck soo when I saw this jump suite at a boutique called A-List in Long Street, I honestly heard it talk to me and it simply said "I've been waiting for you". I mean just look at it, it has a pleated top, cut out back and pockets plus it screams classic elegance, I think Aubrey Hepburn would be proud of me, don't you think? and the burgundy shoes suede heels are soo gorgeous, honestly I feel like a higher power was leading me towards the right items but of course clothes are nothing without the perfect model and no one is more perfect that my beautiful sister.

And for myself there's nothing I hate more than being over formal soo I rocket my wonderful high-low dress from YDE with a wedge and my crazy hair… I love this hairstyle; I think I'm going to keep it for a while. What do you think?

For now it's back to studying and I have this like mega history essay to write about the surrealism era which is one of my all-time favourite movements but that's doesn't mean I enjoy writing about it lol wish me luck!

Tina xoxo


  1. I agree wid u
    Education is really imp
    U have nice blog dear
    following u
    I hope u follow back

    1. Thanks for the support, i absolutely followed back your blog because its amazing!!!!

  2. Congratulations for your graduation and I love your dress.

    1. thank you lol it was actually my sister's graduation, mine is gonna be in 2016..... yawn lol i know but i can't wait too!!! :D