Friday, 23 May 2014

Beaching in the moment!!

Continuing with my mantra on “Living in the Moment”… this Saturday morning I randomly decided to go to the beach with my sister and her friend. I of course invited some of my friends too but they couldn't make it, clearly they have not been reading my blog lol. Anyway we were in such a rush that I couldn't locate any  swimming costumes of mine, even though I didn't need them because I kind of can’t swim lol but I’m planning on taking swimming lesson soon but that’s a post for another day…

Even though I was such in a rush to get a tan lol on top of my permanent tan, I still managed to get my beach essentials

1.       1. Munchies a.k.a. food to snack on and Bakers Choice Assorted biscuits are definitely a must have… the pink wafers are my fav like seriously I could eat them all day errrday.

 2.        2. Note book and pen: one thing you can always count on is that I will always have a note book or in this case note books with me. In this particular day I was looking for inspiration for this writing competition that I’m entering and unfortunately I didn’t get any, probably because I was distracted by the soccer team that just came out of nowhere, with their six packs and nice calves…. How rude?!!! Clearly it was not my fault lol
  3.       3. Shades/Stunners/Sunglasses are a must have when going anyway, how else can you pull off that effortless cool look!!!

L Forgot to bring sunscreen…

Basically this is my go to outfit for just chilling at the beach…. My favourite Denim shorts and a black printed crop top which I wore with my oversized denim shirt… which I took from my father’s closet and I just love it. I love raiding the closets of the two most important men in my life which is my dad and my brother. If you drop by my house on any given lazy Saturday you’ll probably find me wearing my brother’s shirt, cardigan and even shoes sometimes lol and mind you all of these are like triple my size so they are actually wearing me now that I think of it….. Sorry got waaaay off topic there lol that’s kind of my thing. Anyway I had an awesome time at the beach, took some great pictures and had some awesome laughs well sort of lol I heard this joke, tell me what you think…

What did the ocean say to the beach?  Nothing – it just WAVED!!!

Yup… I know…. Funny ha-ha *not really*

Tina xoxo

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