Sunday, 27 March 2016

Black Sunday

I recently went thrift shopping and I didn't know what I was looking for like always and as I passing a couple of rails with the typical bright coloured and patterned vintage clothing which I'm not really into I found a rail packed with 70s long high-waist skirts and my jaw dropped. I had to have them so I basically bought the same skirt but in three different colours lol even though the waists are unbearably small it was something I was willing to suffer through. 

I paired this long black 70s skirt with a black coat and a lacey little top which I'm obsessed with. It's a bit risqué than what I'm used to but lately I've been really embracing the way I look lol tiny boobs, big butt and not quite a slim waist and all... Life's too short to be worrying about looking perfect. Feel good, play dress up and enjoy being alive!!!

I ended up looking like a character from American Horror Story: The Coven which has always been serious life goals for me lol. All black everything!!!

Some wise words... "Be the girl you loved" - James Blake. Smooches Beautifuls 💋

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