Saturday, 17 October 2015

Little Dragon Cape Town Concert

First of all, I am exhausted. Can you imagine dancing for five hours straight? Can you? It was a fucking epic MOVIE!!! Secondly I had no idea South Africa had such amazing music, The two opening acts killed it and to think I had no idea these people existed before last night makes me feel like I've been oblivious to how awesome this country actually is.

90% of me was having a blast but the other 10% was spent wondering where the hell is Yukimi and the band but when they finally came out, it was totally worth the wait. That is when the movie began.... Ahhhhhhh....... I've been to a lot of concerts..... Rihanna, Maxwell, John Legend, Pharrell but watching Little Dragon live took me to a whole nother level of musical artistry. The lights, sound, vocals, dances and that BASS..... That fucking BASS!!!! Felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest, it was awesome!!!

They performed my all-time fave of theirs "CONSTANT SURPRISES" and I died. Yukimi is a beast on stage and to think that she is pregnant and killing it like that is just mind blowing..... Serious life goals here. The energy was amazing, every move she made, the crowd would follow simultaneously and being there with the cutest bestest friend anyone could ask for (Ulfah 🐣) took the levels of epicness even higher. What a night, What a movie, What an experience!!!

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