Sunday, 1 February 2015

College Dorm Life....... #FreakingOUT

Its been a while since i last posted and i am so super sorry..... life sort of happened and by life i mean a lot of life happened. i wont dwell too much on it though as one of my 2015 new year's resolutions is to not dwell on the past but instead focus on the future.... you know all that "New Year, New Me" stuff!!! oh btw Happy New Year lol

So much change has been happening to me recently but the biggest one is the fact that i finally moved out of the apartment that i was living in with my big brother and sister and now i finally live in a college dorm like a normal college student.

its my 3rd year as a fashion design student so yes some of you might think its your last year why even bother? and yes thats true but its my 3rd year which means more work, more stressing and more hecticness so living closer to my campus will be such a relief. last year i had to take 3 busses to get to and from Uni and now i'm like 10 minutes away soooo yeah life is feeling pretty awesome.

sorry i have no pictures in this post but i promise i will have some in my next one, hopefully of my dorm room AND some deeds on my unknown roommate who is giving me major anxiety because i am praying that she will be an angelic doll rather than a psycho bitch..... wish me luck, fingers crossed!!!

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