Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Burger King Royalty!!!

i love fast food just as much as the next unhealthy lifestyle living person soo when my friend suggested we go and have a little catch up lunch thing at burger king, i was like yaaaaaaaas!!! BUT the only mistake i did was ordering their bottomless drinks.... biggest mistake ever..... they taste vile, no wonder they are bottomless, they are probably trying to get rid of that stuff... anyway it was fun chilling with my gurrrl but i still prefer McD.... McDonald's fries are the answer and the truth!!!

My outfit for the day was all about comfort and simplicity so i just wore my pink turtleneck crop trop with this high waist "Manswear" shorts that we had to do at university as a project lol but i of course i had to wear them i'm not sexist against clothes lol!!!

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