Thursday, 27 March 2014

NGS = New Girl Syndrome

Okay so apparently if you want to be a writer of anything, you have to write every single day about pretty much anything really, so yeah this is me writing because I'm really into this whole fashion journalism thing right now and oh btw this supposed to be a fashion blog but now its more of a rambling blog. My apologies for that.

(I think I should have started with a introduction, or was that one? I don't know...)

Moving along.... I should probably share a little about myself. I am currently a fashion design student, surviving my second year. How exciting right? No! No really, I am overworked, stressed and have no life so yeah that's pretty much it but its not all so bad because I really love fashion and designing. It is my passion (cliche) for real though. I'm pretty good at designing too, maybe one day when I'm secure enough with my skills ill show yall (zero followers at the moment) some of my designs. Something to look forward to, YAY!!!

I don't have any fashionie pics at the moment so I will upload some that I took recently on a family outing to the carnival? Funfair? We don't call it either of those words here in Cape Town though, I don't really know what we call it actually... Ill look it up!!! The place is called Ratanga Junction though.

Something fashionie? I made these shorts soo Yay Me!!! :D

P.S. I say Yay a lot and I kinda create my own words. Fashionie and Cleary are not real terms by the way. Enjoy!!!


  1. I actually really like those shorts! nice job :) I found you on lookbook

    1. oh wow thank you soo much... it took me a while to wear them in public soo its nice to know that wearing them was a good move :D